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Download FPK Zip

There are a number of ways to install the Free Pascal Compiler and its libraries on your system. The current version and trunk, and sometimes beta and release candidates, are available directly from the FPC website (tar, exe, rpm, dmg, pkg files). In addition, versions of FPC are provided (including rpm and deb files) from the Lazarus download site. Linux users can almost certainly find FPC in their distribution's repositories but may find that it is outdated.

Download FPK zip


Another option is installing from a tar, an easy and possibly even more useful model. These tars are available for a wide range of Unix like systems. You need to download the appropriate binary tar for your OS and CPU and you may also need the source files, common for all OS/CPU. You install FPC this way in your own space, not as root.

Anyone can download (but not upload) the source using either git or, easier if you want a one off snapshot, zip. And possibly even SVN. The default is to get the main (aka trunk) version of the source but you also select any one of the very many branches or tags.

Git - is most appropriate if you are going to add or sorrect something in the source and submit your change to the developers. Its a bigger and slower download but once done, easy to keep up to date. Note that its very unlikely contributions to anything other than main will be accepted. Here is an example initial download of main, assuming you already have git installed -

Once the git download is finished, cd into the new directory and build as documented below. You can now keep your git repository up to date using the normal git commands. Git is well documented online but ( _git) has some fpc specific help.

Zip - a possibly easier option is to download a "zip ball' archive of the source, from the web interface you can select which branch or tag you are interested in (combo box that defaults to 'main'). There are quite a lot of branches and tags to choose from, so please choose carefully. The web interface will let you download the zip of the selected branch or tag directly or command line people may do one of (with the last part of command line indicating which branch)-

2. A starting (bootstrap) FPC compiler. An FPC release can always be built by the previously released FPC version, and FPC trunk can always be built by the current FPC release. You can download a bootstrap Free Pascal Compiler or use your distribution's package management/software system to install one.

By far the easiest way to get a working installation of the Free Pascal Compiler is to download and run the appropriate self-extracting Windows installer from the official SourceForge repository for FPC 3.2.2 - this release contains the current release versions of the Free Pascal Compiler and the Free Pascal libraries. The Windows installer packages install very easily, and should work 'out-of-the-box'. You will be taken through a typical Windows installation wizard to install the FPC binaries and Free Pascal libraries:

The easiest way to get the Free Pascal Compiler source is by using a git client. The exact commands may vary between git clients; the commands given below are for the command line git client downloadable from

Wait while the git repository is downloaded to the fpc-3.2.2 directory in your newly created Source directory. This can take a while... have a look at the helpful Free Pascal Forums while you wait :-) You may also like to read the excellent How to use the Forum Wiki article which explains how to get answers to pesky questions quickly. New Forum users are always welcome.

To obtain a bootstrap Free Pascal Compiler, download the distribution package fpc-3.2.2.i386-win32.exe and run it - it is a self-extracting installer, so just follow the instructions to install it. The installer should set the PATH environment variable as appropriate.

Xcode 11.3.1 for use on macOS 10.14 Mojave must now be installed by downloading it from Apple Developer Connection (ADC), which requires free registration. Xcode 11.4.x for use on macOS 10.15 Catalina can be installed from the Mac App store. Note that you must first move any old Xcode versions from the Applications folder into the trash or rename the Xcode app (eg to You can select which version of Xcode to use with the command line utility xcode-select.

The developer tools can be installed from the original macOS installation disks or a newer copy downloaded from the Apple Developer Connection (ADC), which requires free registration. Download the Xcode file, it will end up in your Downloads directory as a zip file. Click it. It is unarchived into your Downloads directory. You may be happy with it there but maybe not. Other users will see the path to it but be unable to use it. And it is untidy there. So I moved mine and then told xcode-select where it was moved to (in a terminal) -

Download the Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) and FPC source from the Free Pascal website. When you arrive at the download page, select a mirror and then choose the correct version for your operating system.

While SnakeBite serves as a reliable method for users to manage their mods, complications can still occur in certain circumstances. Game updates or bugs with SnakeBite itself could cause the mod manager and/or the game to function improperly. For this reason, it is heavily recommended that the user create Backup Files, which store the original contents of chunk0.dat, 0\00.dat and 0\01.dat. Storing backups through SnakeBite will allow the user to Restore Original Game Files from the SnakeBite Settings window, as well as the ability to Toggle Mods On/Off. Without backups, the user will need to revalidate their game files through Steam to redownload roughly 2 GB of game data whenever a problem occurs.

Blockman GO takes up 133 MB, so it's a very light game. The various game modes are shown in the menu and don't require downloading additional large files, as only a small amount of data about the server and the game mode needs to be downloaded. 041b061a72

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