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Thelonious Alone In San Francisco Zip

"To be able to move somebody, to me, is the highest compliment."The Source proffers an expansion of Barron's live expression. He pays the simplest melodies nuanced attention, romancing dissonance for the sweetest sounds. He gives listeners permission to let go, providing an anchor of motion from one section to the next. But perhaps most intrinsic to Barron's sound, after so many years, is its humanness. He plays through uncertainty, translates strength and frailty, and remains at once present and reflective."Playing solo is still nerve-racking," says Barron. "After the first song, it usually goes away. It's the initial feeling of sitting down alone. You realize there's no one else to cover you if you make a mistake. You're out there by yourself. Which is okay. But it always takes a minute to realize that it's okay."The Source opens out of time and with conviction. First appearing as the title track of his 1986 recording, "What If?" provides beauty and rub, and a reimagining of a bass line borrowed from Hasaan Ibn Ali.

Thelonious Alone In San Francisco Zip

By all accounts it was an amazing time to be growing up as an aspiring musician in the Western Addition. Sugar Pie De Santo, now 62, was raised in the Fillmore. She told me that she began singing on stage at 11, when she and her cousin, Etta James, would sneak out and go into clubs that would let them in. " It was like a little Vegas during that time," she recalls. "You could party night and day. You could find music anywhere, anytime. I'd go to Bop City a lot. Thelonious Monk, Nancy Wilson, any famous person could walk in and get up on stage and jam, and a lot of people did. It was our hangout. Everyone would get dressed up in those days. We really got sharp. Everyone was nice, and there were no fights. The crowd was mixed, and for a while the police didn't like it. They hassled us for a little while, but it stopped. We told the cops to leave us alone. We didn't care about color, we cared about music."

Also on the positive side, there was little shock-for-shock's-sake in this show. Though including scattered elements of profanity and brutality, Biafra's language and imagery was quite mild compared with a Robin Williams performance, let alone one by Sam Kinison.

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