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The first track of side-b 'smitir aagoon' is written by Nibhritachary. This number is totally a romantic song. The instrumental chord-progression is as usual. It should at-least be liked by group of teens that suffers from nostalgia. This track has a well-balanced patchwork of drumming and guitar. Next songs are written by, 'Nirob prahar' (Mamun Khan), 'Hai garbini' (Kamran Khan), 'Mukhosher aubhishap' (Niaz A. Angshu), and 'Nakkhattrer daak' written by Dehlavi. And Rasel Habib wrote the last track. 'Black-Eyes' has gradually improved from their previous albums, in their presentations, compositions, playing instruments and definitely in lyrics. In a recent interview, bandleader Suja Islam said, "Band Music means a natural flow of teen spirit. Since 90's, we had gone through Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Aero-smith, Guns & Roses, Scorpions etc. and we were very much influenced by them. There's a time comes when you come out of your old folk taste and start to listen some modern music. So did we. But listeners in our country are basically fond of melodious tracks. So if it is melodious and you have something to say in a soft and trendy way, people normally accepts that. When asked, what do they think of this current trend of 'so-called alternative rock' which at present gained a bit of popularity, they commented, "we think this sort of music is for a limited number of listeners. As a race, we are very romantic in nature and basically melody loving people in context of music. So it will always remain so. No one can just simply change it over-night, just by doing some personally biased and liked format, by introducing it in our taste for music. In contrast to that, the trend of soft-melodious rock will gain more popularity and spread through. And commercial songs are nothing so significant except the fact that it brings you money. We mainly give importance on a good lyric first, then comes tune and composition and at least presentation, because it's a total teamwork, isn't it?" When asked why you guys are in music rather than doing any traditional business? Their answer was," At first we have to be satisfied with what we are doing, and then through our music we want to build some awareness among our listeners. We believe that, music is a very strong media to communicate mass people. About the senior musicians, their comments are, "Most of them has done a lot for the enrichment of our music, and we believe, they are doing quite well, still going strong. And in our coming days, we are planning to perform in open-air concerts and as well as in indoor concerts too." What is their future plan besides these? They answered," Doing some more and bettermusic and staying alive in or listeners' heart. We don't want our listeners to jump into a conclusion after listening our tracks." When asked what would you guys do if you have to give-up music, their honesty answer was "If someone asks us to give it up, we think we will simply die, the joy of living will simply wither away." What makes you annoyed mostly? And they said "Any form of social discrimination. If we could, we would have stopped all sorts of social injustices that take place now a day. But it can be solve by us along."

Good Boy Bad Boy Movie Mp3 Songs Download

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When there's a vacuum created by the so-called remix albums, everyone's enlighten and hopeful for a new mixed album "Saatronga Saatjon." Even among the show-biz people the album has been able to draw their attention. Seven popular singers of today's music arena have performed in this album. Popular singer Pothik Nabi says, "I've sings two songs which is very beautiful with good lyrics and tune." Pantho Kanai has sung two songs. He says, "there is a song of rain that will take your breath away. Sanjib Chowdhury of Dalchut says "I normally do not perform in mixed albums but in this case the tune attracted me, so I've performed. Likely expectation for the other co-stars Partho, Sumon. Duray, and Tamal. With twelve songs holding this album has been tuned and composed by Tamal, who has started his music career through the Band "Tirthok." For the past ten years Tamal has played keyboards and piano in many bands, mix and solo albums. Of many blockbuster albums Tamal was the magician. Although 'Saatronga Saatjon' is Tamal's first mix album as a music director, but he has also his debut album "Telephone" which was able to attract listeners of-course. In this 'Saatronga Saatjon' most of the songs (nine) written by famous column writer and journalist Ahsan Kabir and one song blend from the poem of Palash Mahbub. Other songs written by Golam Murshed, Tarik Mahmud and Srabon. This album is released by G-series and marketed by Gitanjoly.

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