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Five Nights At Dolma's 3

The countries of Armenia and Georgia are less traveled by Americans yet still perfectly prepared to receive the most discerning, but a bit more adventurous, traveler. The itinerary will include five nights in Yerevan, Armenia; two nights in Gyumri, Armenia; one night in Dzoraget in Northern Armenia; three nights in the Old City of Tbilisi, Georgia; two nights in Kazbegi in the Greater Caucuses Mountains of Georgia; and two nights in the New City of Tbilisi, Georgia.

Five Nights at Dolma's 3


Aglain (portrayed by Colin Salmon) was a Druid man who lived in the Forest of Acestir. In the second-season episode, "The Nightmare Begins", he, with the assistance of Mordred, rescued Morgana from a group of serkets, and later healed the injury she sustained from one of the creatures. While she resided with him and his fellow Druids, Aglain encouraged Morgana not to fear herself and her emerging abilities, telling her that magic was not evil and not something Uther should hate. When Arthur and his knights arrived in pursuit of Morgana, whom they thought had been kidnapped by the Druids, Aglain tried to help Morgana and Mordred flee with his people. However, in the process, he was shot dead by one of Arthur's men.

In the second season, Arthur's relationships with Merlin and Morgana's maidservant, Guinevere, deepen. In "The Once and Future Queen", Arthur spent a few days living with Gwen while he entered a jousting tournament under an assumed name. Called out on his rude and inconsiderate behaviour by Gwen, Arthur slowly began to develop feelings for her, and they even shared their first kiss on the last day of the tournament. Shortly thereafter in the episode, "Lancelot and Guinevere", Arthur and Merlin raced to rescue Gwen after she was kidnapped by a warlord, Hengist. He was devastated to see then that Gwen had discovered that she had feelings for Lancelot, who had also tried to rescue her at this time. Arthur's stance on the subject of magic was also explored in the second season. In the episode, "The Sins of the Father", Arthur voiced the thought that it was possible that not all magic users were evil when Merlin cautioned him not to trust the sorceress, Morgause, too quickly. When Morgause subsequently engineered the revelation of the truth of Arthur's magic-induced birth, which resulted in the death of Arthur's mother, Arthur returned to Camelot and nearly killed Uther in a blind rage. He was only stopped when Merlin intervened, who tearfully claimed that Morgause had been lying and faked the story. Arthur later claimed to believe that all magic was evil, which visibly devastated Merlin. Arthur's relationship with Morgana was also developed in the second season. He was greatly concerned when she was thought to have been kidnapped by the Druids, and set off to rescue her in "The Nightmare Begins". In the penultimate episode, "The Fires of Idirsholas", Arthur was visibly devastated when Morgana was seemingly kidnapped by Morgause, blaming himself for having failed to protect her. In the finale episode, "The Last Dragonlord", Arthur was yet again called upon to defend Camelot against overwhelming odds. With the Great Dragon freed and repeatedly attacking Camelot, Arthur and Merlin set off in the faint hope that they could secure the aid of the last living Dragonlord, Balinor, who was also, unbeknownst to Arthur, Merlin's father. Though they eventually gained Balinor's willingness to help, mainly because Balinor was saved in the past by Gaius, the older man was killed on the journey back to Camelot. After returning to Camelot, Arthur gathered together a group of knights to make a final assault in the hope of defeating the dragon, even over Uther's protests. He led them and Merlin, who insisted on accompanying him, out into a field beyond Camelot to engage the dragon. Arthur stabbed the dragon with a lance, but was subsequently knocked out. When he came to, Merlin told him that he had dealt the dragon a mortal blow, when in reality Merlin used his new status as a Dragonlord to command it to cease its attack.

At this time, Arthur was again thoroughly demoralised by the betrayal of a family member. He doubted his destiny, saying that he was only good at wielding a sword and was a terrible king. In the hope of restoring Arthur's faith, Merlin led him to where he had hidden Excalibur, telling him that "according to legend" only the true king of Camelot could pull the sword from the stone. Though initially doubtful, Arthur trusted Merlin enough to try and did pull the sword free, proving his worthiness and providing him with the boost of confidence needed to retake Camelot. After reuniting with a sizable force that included a large number of knights, including Leon and Percival, Arthur led them all, along with Merlin, Gwen, Tristan, and Isolde in an invasion of the castle. During the ensuing battle, Arthur encountered Morgana for the first time since her coronation in "The Coming of Arthur, Part One" and sadly asked what had happened to her, visibly grieved to see that she had fallen so far. Morgana wavered briefly before him, showing some slight sign of guilt, but eventually told him that it was his stance on magic that had led to this. She told him that he was just like Uther, but Arthur retaliated by saying that she was too, which visibly angered her. She tried to use magic to attack him, but thanks to Merlin sabotaging her power the night before, Morgana was left powerless. She ultimately fled, leaving Arthur once again in control of Camelot. Shortly thereafter, Arthur truly forgave Gwen for what had happened in "Lancelot du Lac" before finally marrying her and crowning her Queen of Camelot.

Bayard (portrayed by Clive Russell) is the king of Camelot's neighbouring kingdom of Mercia. In "The Poisoned Chalice", Bayard and many of his knights visited Camelot with the intention of signing a peace treaty with Uther. When Merlin drank from a poisoned goblet at the celebratory feast that was meant to be a gift for Arthur, Uther had Bayard and his entire entourage imprisoned. Bayard's army was dispatched to begin a war with Camelot, but the crisis was averted when Gaius revealed to Uther that the poisoned cup had actually been planted by Nimueh, who hoped to foment trouble for the kingdom. Subsequently, Uther released Bayard and his court, and they returned to Mercia. Despite this awkward situation, Bayard appeared to remain on good terms with Camelot. In "Beauty and the Beast, Part Two", he sent his congratulations on Uther's marriage to Lady Catrina and was mentioned as planning to visit Camelot in the near future.

After the fight, Elyan, Leon and a few other surviving knights returned to Camelot and told Gwen what happened. Gwen couldn't understand why the Saxons knew where they were. She then took Sefa to court and she confessed to being a traitor. For the first time, Gwen sentenced someone to death.

Freya (portrayed by Laura Donnelly) was a Druid girl who lived in a village near mountains and a lake. After killing the son of a sorceress out of self-defence, Freya was cursed to become a magical monster that resembled a large panther with bat-like wings on the stroke of midnight, with an insatiable desire to kill that she would be unable to control. Under unspecified circumstances, Freya was captured by the bounty hunter Halig and taken to Camelot, only to be freed by Merlin. Hiding Freya in the catacombs, Merlin brought her food and told her about his magic, the two being drawn together due to Merlin's relief at having someone who understood him and Freya's gratitude at meeting someone who did not consider her a monster. Unfortunately, her curse resulted in the deaths of at least four people when she transformed during her two nights in Camelot, prompting an increased hunt for her. Merlin and Freya began to fall in love. Although Merlin had planned to leave Camelot with her, Freya attempted to escape on her own, not wanting Merlin to abandon his life for her, only to be cornered by Halig and Arthur's knights just before her transformation. Although she killed Halig, Arthur was able to mortally wound her beast form, the creature only escaping after Merlin caused a distraction by causing a gargoyle statue to fall over, creating a path for her to escape the knights and retreat down to the catacombs. Although beast-Freya appeared calmer around Merlin, calming down simply from the sight of him even when surrounded by the knights, the wound Freya had sustained proved to be fatal, staying alive only long enough for Merlin to take her to the nearby lake. As she died, she thanked Merlin for making her feel loved again, promising to repay his kindness one day. Merlin put her body on a boat and gave her a Viking-like funeral, clearly mourning his inability to save her.

Gaius was still very active in series four. He explains about how dangerous the Dorocha spirits are but does not know how to defeat them. He cared for Uther and as Arthur he moaned his father's death. He did not like the return of Julius Borden as he knew his plan about stealing the dragon's egg. When Morgana employed a wizard called Alator to find out who Emrys is Gaius was kidnapped by Alator to reveal the real secret about Merlin. He then meets Morgana the very first time since the end of series three, where he begs her to kill him but she refuses to do it, because first she wanted to receive information about Emrys from him. During the final of series four he sits in the dungeons with Elyan and Gawaine, where he lies depressed, weak and dying. When Morgana gives them tiny pieces of bread for supper he does not agree to share and gives the food away to the knights, saying that the only thing he does not fear is death. He along with Elyan and Gawaine are rescued by Percival to face Morgana. He is last seen during Arthur's and Guinevere's wedding while standing next to Merlin and together with the crowd shouting "Long live the Queen!".

Gwaine was one of four knights who were knighted the day before the overthrow of Morgause's immortal army. Alongside him were Lancelot, Elyan and Percival. After Camelot was Uther's again, Arthur trusted his four new knights (and Leon) on every mission he went on. But there was something about Gwaine which was different. 041b061a72

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