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Novel Gorshkov
Novel Gorshkov

Mehndi For The Inspired Artist: 50 Contemporary... BETTER

If you want a father simple and minimalistic mehndi design, then this pattern might be the perfect one for you. Look at those beautiful swirls and the way the curve of the Moroccan mehndi art design falls elegantly on the wrist. The patterns are intricate and beautiful. Apparently, it is inspired by the Moroccan mehndi art design and looks pretty hippie and chic.

Mehndi for the Inspired Artist: 50 Contemporary...


The Moroccan mehndi art design on both hands has different patterns but the styles are almost identical. It seems like the patterns are inspired by the regal era. There is no doubt about the fact that the precision of the design is on point. The tribal print is not really traditional and I guess it would look amazing with your casual wear too. 041b061a72

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