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Brooks Richardson
Brooks Richardson

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Recently saw GTA 5 second trailer, by graphics it's playable (vanilla GTA 4 was not), but it's still with same issues as many other games, nice job of 3d modellers ruined by bad 3d programmers. It doesn't matter that trailer for XBox360 and PS3 versions of the game, the same will be on PC, but with higher resolution textures or something like that. It's definetly target for my modding and as R* will make specific protection against mod, it will be only for cracked game, so more agression i'll get again from them.

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Ordered Mass Effect 3, paid, but didn't get it. Seems i'm not alone with same problem. Why in the hell all most expected games last years are so bad? Please folks, use cracked games, companies became too big and they really need to be punished for the garbage, buy only good products.

EA Origin do not work for me any more, intuition told me do not press update button when requested, but i did it. Update failed at the end and asked to download another file manually. Okay, that file also started autoupdate and failed. I can't modify Mass Effect 3 demo because of this and they only way is to wait full game and crack for it, but modding is nonsence when everybody will finish playing game. I'm waiting haters, let's hate me and say how bad my hardware is, ha-ha.

Freeze fix for TES Skyrim is found by user Rodi One, i didn't tested it, but try it. Download Silent Hill Homecoming patch 10 from download page here and use it. I know this allow to boost fps for some games (Mass Effect 1 f.e.) on single core cpu, but try yourself. Also, patch 2 for TES Skyrim can be used together with patch for Silent Hill Homecoming, read documentation about [PROXY] section of enbseries.ini and how to run two d3d9.dll at same time. 041b061a72

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