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Download Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare in EPUB Format for Free

Lord Dashwood Missed Out: A Spindle Cove Novella by Tessa Dare

Are you looking for a fun and charming historical romance to read on a cozy winter night? Do you love stories about second chances, enemies to lovers, and witty banter? If so, you might want to check out Lord Dashwood Missed Out by Tessa Dare, a novella set in the popular Spindle Cove series. What is the book about?

Lord Dashwood Missed Out is a short and sweet story that follows Miss Elinora Browning and George Travers, Lord Dashwood, two childhood friends who had a falling out when he left England without saying goodbye. Years later, Nora has become a successful author of a bestselling pamphlet titled Lord Dashwood Missed Out, which is a love letter to every young lady who has been overlooked by gentlemen. On her way to Spindle Cove to give a lecture, she encounters Dash again, who has returned from his travels as a renowned cartographer. He is not pleased with her slanderous publication and challenges her to prove that he missed out on the passion of a lifetime. Trapped together by a snowstorm, they have one night to settle their score and rediscover their feelings for each other. A brief summary of the plot

The story begins with Nora boarding a coach to Spindle Cove, where she has been invited to speak about her pamphlet. She is nervous but excited to share her message of empowerment and independence with other women. However, she soon realizes that one of her fellow passengers is none other than Dash, the man who broke her heart when he left for India without a word. He claims that he has come back to England to find a wife and produce an heir, but he is also curious about her pamphlet and why she wrote it. Dash is surprised and annoyed by Nora's success and popularity. He thinks that she has exaggerated their past relationship and tarnished his reputation with her poison pen. He also feels a pang of jealousy when he sees that she has attracted the attention of other men. He decides to confront her about her book and challenge her to prove that he missed out on anything. When they arrive at Spindle Cove, they find that the town is snowed in and they have to share a room at the local inn. They agree to a wager: if Nora can make him admit that he missed out on something by leaving her, he will publicly apologize and endorse her pamphlet. If he can make her admit that she still wants him, she will retract her pamphlet and write a glowing review of his maps. They spend the night trying to outwit and seduce each other, while also revealing their true feelings and regrets. The main characters and their relationship

Nora is a smart and spirited heroine who has overcome her shyness and insecurity by writing her pamphlet. She was deeply hurt by Dash's departure and rejection, but she also used it as a motivation to pursue her dreams and help other women. She is proud of her achievements and her independence, but she also secretly longs for love and romance. She still harbors a grudge against Dash, but she also can't deny the attraction and chemistry that still exists between them. Dash is a handsome and adventurous hero who has traveled the world as a mapmaker. He left England to escape his family's expectations and to see new places and cultures. He never intended to hurt Nora, but he also never realized how much she cared for him. He is impressed by her success and her beauty, but he also feels resentful and defensive about her pamphlet. He wants to prove her wrong and win her back, but he also fears that he might lose her again. Nora and Dash have a complicated and passionate relationship that is full of misunderstandings, banter, and sparks. They are both stubborn and proud, but they also have a deep connection and a shared history. They challenge each other, but they also support each other. They have to overcome their past hurts and their present doubts to find their happy ending. The themes and messages of the book

Lord Dashwood Missed Out is a book that explores the themes of love, regret, forgiveness, and second chances. It shows that sometimes people make mistakes and miss opportunities, but they can also learn from them and grow. It also shows that sometimes people need to communicate their feelings and listen to each other, rather than assume or judge. It also shows that sometimes people need to take risks and follow their hearts, rather than follow the rules or expectations of society. The book also conveys the message of female empowerment and solidarity. It shows that women can be successful and independent, but they can also support and inspire each other. It shows that women can have different goals and aspirations, but they can also respect and celebrate each other. It shows that women can be strong and confident, but they can also be vulnerable and romantic. Why should you read Lord Dashwood Missed Out?

There are many reasons why you should read Lord Dashwood Missed Out, but here are some of the main ones: It's a witty and romantic historical romance

If you love historical romance, you will love Lord Dashwood Missed Out. It's set in the Regency era, which is one of the most popular and beloved periods in the genre. It has all the elements that make historical romance so enjoyable: the elegant dresses, the lavish balls, the witty dialogue, the social rules, the scandalous gossip, the forbidden kisses, and the swoon-worthy heroes. Lord Dashwood Missed Out is also a very funny and charming book that will make you laugh out loud and smile from ear to ear. It has a lot of humor and wit, both in the narration and in the dialogue. The characters are hilarious and adorable, especially when they tease and bicker with each other. The situations are amusing and entertaining, especially when they involve snowballs, sheep, or maps. Lord Dashwood Missed Out is also a very romantic and sweet book that will make you sigh and melt your heart. It has a lot of emotion and passion, both in the words and in the actions. The characters are lovable and endearing, especially when they confess their feelings and apologize for their mistakes. The scenes are tender and steamy, especially when they involve kisses, cuddles, or more. It's a standalone novella that can be enjoyed by new and old fans of the Spindle Cove series

If you are new to the Spindle Cove series, you can still enjoy Lord Dashwood Missed Out as a standalone novella. It's a short and easy read that introduces you to the world of Spindle Cove, a seaside town where unusual women find love and friendship. You don't need to know anything about the previous books or characters to follow the story of Nora and Dash. If you are already a fan of the Spindle Cove series, you will love Lord Dashwood Missed Out as a bonus novella. It's a fun and satisfying read that revisits the world of Spindle Cove, where you can catch up with some of your favorite characters from the previous books. You will also appreciate the references and connections to the other stories in the series. It's a bestseller and has received rave reviews from readers and critics

If you need more convincing to read Lord Dashwood Missed Out, you can look at its popularity and acclaim among readers and critics. It's a bestseller that has sold thousands of copies since its release in 2015. It has also received rave reviews from various sources, such as: - Amazon: 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 ratings - Goodreads: 4 out of 5 stars from over 10,000 ratings - Publishers Weekly: "Dare delights with another marvelously romantic story" - Booklist: "A

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