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Paraworld Patch 1.05 50

ParaWorld: Gold Edition is a version of ParaWorld containing the Booster Pack along with Patch 1.05 as a good bye present to fans due to SEK (Spieleentwicklungskombinat) shutting down because of insufficient sales.

Paraworld Patch 1.05 50


I have linked below the source of the patches used on the GOG release of WC4 DVD. These are, basically, modified versions of Gulikoza's DXMCI and Jari Komppa's DDHack, tweaked in order to make the two patches play along with each other. Some of the changes I introduced involved adding a few game specific DLL-patches, in order to directly interface with the EXE at points that were useful, such as hack subtitle text coordinates or accessing the game Bitmap objects directly.

These changes were hacked together in a bit of a time constraint at the time, so no effort was made in order to maintain compatibility with other games (and there are a few warnings in there that have no place to be there...). Still, it compiles and works fine for WC4DVD, as long as you patch the DLL reference DDRAW.DLL to DWRAP.DLL on the game EXE (this was done on the GOG EXE). The purpose of this change was to allow the DD wrapper and real DirectDraw to work side by side, therefore allowing DirectShow to work without further wrapping DirectDraw interfaces.

Guys, thanks for the reports!I only fixed RIM Battle Planets by this time because I've mainly been being busy working on the main branch (the next version).For 2.55, I'm planning to release 2.55.4 with the recent fixes (including GTR racing if I find the bug) but I'm not sure if that version should be patched further beyond that.

I only tested D3D9 with:- Far Cry (patched to 1.4)- Splinter Cell 3 (patched to 1.05)- Stalker (doesn't work, DllMain game)- =9450- =9424- =10542- =10742- =10999- =12071- =11248- =15092

Unfortunately I had to make a little patching for SC3 to use it with dgVoodoo (crashing when setting display mode). Needed things cannot be implemented on the wrapper side.

Some people have lately complained about nonworking download links. These should be fixed by now: we have upgraded hardware and optimized our systems so slowdowns during releases of high-demand patches - Command & Conquer 3 , World of Warcraft or just the latest Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines fanpatch - should be history by now. We are sorry for the inconveniences, but all of us are doing this in their spare time.As a final parting gift for 2007 here are a few more patches to download from us. See you all in 2008.Windows updates

  • Install this patch only if you have installed the CD version of Shivering Isles on the Direct2Drive Version of Oblivion. added World of Warcraft version 2.0.12 (4MB) (Changelist and downloads)

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