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Windows Loader 2.3.1 BETTER Download

The bootloader, one of the key software components included in the BSP, completes the required hardware initializations to download and run operating system images. The initial bootstrapper, bootloader, and NK make up the three software components needed to boot Windows Compact 7.

Windows Loader 2.3.1 Download

NK.bin can be burned to NAND Flash with Platform Builder or SD Memory Card using file built in Section 4.1. By downloading NK.bin to the device with either Platform Builder or SD Memory Card, as described in Section, the bootloader will automatically program NK.bin into NAND flash.

rEFInd includes the ability to launch any EFI program; however, rEFInd detects only certain programs. These include boot loaders in traditional locations and a handful of other programs. To launch most of these other programs, you must download and install them separately from rEFInd:

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