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Minecraft Football Stadium High Quality

But what if you wanted something more interesting and large, such as a stadium? Well, fortunately, there are many players out there who have done just that! That said, here are five of the best Minecraft stadium builds.

Minecraft Football Stadium

Download Zip:

Aside from being a cricket stadium, this build is ideal if you want to hold PvP duels. The stadium isn't complicated to construct and is merely a large circle with seats surrounding the field. The lights on the side also add visual appeal to the playground, which can be further customized with your own edits.

While this Minecraft creation does not present an accurate representation of what stadiums look like today, it includes details from a ton of modern NFL stadiums. YouTuber MINIBEAN75 was behind this innovative creation.

The football stadium is one of Minecraft's most iconic and recognizable stadium structures. A simple, open space with a few stands can be transformed into a full-blown football stadium with some imagination and elbow grease. This is a fantastic build for soccer servers.

Football stadiums generally have a capacity ranging from 20,000 to 94,000 seats. Most professional clubs have their own stadium, but some play at bigger ones in the same city or region, such as Old Trafford and Anfield in Liverpool.

Wembley Stadium is a football stadium in London, England, and has been the home of English football since 1923. It is the largest stadium in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, with 90,000 seats.

To make the stadium as authentic as possible, Sean began by making the field itself in the scale of a real life pitch. He would then go on to shape the stands followed by the exterior design of the stadium, finishing his grand dome with a massive 175 radius roof.

Tupelo High School senior and huge Mississippi State football fan Cameron O'Daniel created the masterpiece in four short months. As you can tell details are pretty accurate. The M Club isn't visible but the new addition in the North end zone is very impressive. Not sure if Cam will major in architecture in the future but he'll be attending MSU

So I recently stumbled on a video of a Minecraft version of Kentucky's football stadium. That prompted a quick scouring of the internet I couldn't find one of Bryant-Denny Stadium so I tweeted my dismay. Well it turns out that @KFvsTheInternet is working on it and provided a screenshot of his progress.

Minecraft is a game that I've never played, but I do know that you can build stuff in it and you can get pretty dang thorough and intricate with it, if you want. A YouTube user who goes by Jaxon Builds has done just that, constructing amazingly true-to-life likenesses of several college football stadiums. Click through the slideshow to see the videos he's posted of Notre Dame Stadium, the Rose Bowl, and more.

Thankfully, we can still see the stadium from our windows, watch the scoreboard light up the sky like the Batman symbol, and smile with the knowledge that the Blue and White game is a mere seven weeks away.

That is amazing. I can't believe how much detail he got, and how much he did of the surrounding area. Showed my 7 and 3 year old this (7 year old loves minecraft) and they were wondering where all the people were. Time to add 112,001 villagers to the stands. 041b061a72

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