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Dupe Exe For Need Speed Underground: A Must-Have Software for Need for Speed Underground Lovers

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Dupe Exe For Need Speed Underground

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- Dragon's Fire Breath direct impact damage reduced by 50%- Fixed a bug which caused Rock Drake and Wyvern eggs to sink below their nests over time.- Added Rock Golem Saddles to Scorched Earth Loot Table- Added Basilisk and Krakinos Saddles to Aberration Loot Table- Uploaded Creature stats now display Movement Speed and Melee Damage- Fixed a case where certain creatures would get stuck under the map/inside the map when colliding with larger creatures (most noticeably seen the Rock Drake and Basilisk)- Fixed an issue which was causing a desync with the Reaper's collision- No longer need pheromone to claim Reaper Kings- Moschops will no longer flee when told to harvest dino corpses- Fixed a bug where some creatures would not be able to attack at low server FPS- Bronto's and Paracer's breeding time have increased by 50% (equivalent to Quetz)- Reduced Bronto HP gain per level by 33%- Reduced Bronto base HP by 10%- Reduced Paracaratherium base HP by 10%- Reduced Paracer HP gain per level by 25%- Reduced Tuso Base HP by 20%- Reduced Tuso HP gain per level by 25%- Reduced Dunky resistance to bullets to 40%- Reduced Dunky other resistances to 60%- Stego Plate Resistant reduced to 30%- TEK saddles no longer inflict raid damage (how you inflict torpor on titan, krab, and golem)- General AI Option for Dinos to only attack conscious targets- Skittish Stance added to tamed dinos- Fixed a case where the Pela could use more weapons than just the fishing rod- Fixed fishing rod no longer working on the Pela- Tamed and Wild Karkinos no longer get stuck in a floating state by medium/big sized dinos- Gigantopithecus can now use the teleporter- Krakinos can no longer move when encumbered- Fixed a case which allowed Rock Drakes to Glide infinitely- Pegomastax can no longer steal Artifacts- Fortitude now provides some resistance versus the effects of the Rex Roar, and this resistance carries onto player-ridden dinos too. Enough fortitude can prevent player-ridden dinos from being poopstunned.- Increased the amount of food Achatina receives from cake to 500.- Direbear and Gigantopithecus have been added to Aberration- Removed the ability to place Plant Y and Bear Traps while riding a dino- Reduced Titanosaur walk speed by 5% and run speed by 20%- Corrected bigfoot's socket for Desert Goggle headgear- For creatures with targetted jumps, pressing jump again in midair will result in the tame falling straight down (to prevent erroneous cases where the dino may unintentionally bounce awkwardly)- Basilisks now damage foliage on movement to prevent them from getting stuck in trees, and the accuracy of their poison shot has been improved.- The Giga is no longer raged by fall damage- The Giga's rage mechanic is now based on damage taken before reduction from external sources (saddles, yuty)- Reduced the respawn rate of Basilisk and lowered the Nearby Player check- Fixed a case where the Rock Drake would not correctly uncloak- Increased the Phoenix's health, stamina and weight.- Adjusted The Center's Gorilla boss so it now matches The Island

- TheCenter and PGMs now use TheIsland's alpha spawner arrays.- TheCenter lightning light flashes now stop after it has rained!- New Achievement: TheCenter Guardians Achievement for defeating its bosses- Dragon boss no longer present on TheCenter- Center Boss damage reduced by 33% versus TheIsland bosses- Fixed Bosses so they no longer have random levels, but will scale correctly on game and server difficulty.- Primitive+: Pachyrhino and Lystro are now tameable with Bug repellant and Rare flowers respectively- Primitve +: Primitve pick axe and torch should now persist after logging out- Primitive+: Battle axe and Viking axe blueprints now work in the grindstone- Primitive+: Crash fix for flying over an Explorer Note.- [Console] No longer crash if generating a PGM after loading TheIsland.- Improved TheCenter Lava- Troodon food has increased- Sounds have been added to the UI Radial Menu- The implant has been locked to the first slot of inventories- Leeches have been added to the Swamp Cave- Significantly reduced the number of Arthros in Swamp Cave- Improved MoveTo attack trace, should be easier to select smaller targets now.- When teleporting to player pos via tether, the teleportee now gains a +2 z offset- Stonepick Melee attacking while running no longer stops the run toggle on controller- Volume of crouch-prone in-out increased by 45%- [Console] PGM no longer ooms after initial generation- New commands to see where Dinos are when hibernated, as well as teleport to the nearest hibernated creature. "cheat hiwarp raptor_character_bp_c" and "cheat hibernationreport raptor_character_bp_c"- Fixed a potential lighting issue when leaving the Broodmother Arena- Fixed some super-bright water reflections- Increased the capsule size of Pternadon to make sure it can't fit thru player sized door frames- Fixed character creation screen cursor not displaying in Primitive+- Improved Troodon low-poly- TheCenter now has Obelisk amb sounds ala TheIsland- No longer missing the option to delete individual player dedicated saves for maps- Placement Rotation indicator now appears with controller- Fixed a case where Right Trigger would punch forever - Pressing B on the controller when you have a Combo Box open will now result in canceling it (eg PGM)- Correctly focusing on engrams when tabbing between Engram and Inventory UI- A whole bunch of split-screen bugs were resolved!- Fixed a case where the UI would focus drop all after placing an item into the quick slot- Fixed a fog of war exploit in SP- Fixed ATV not saving- R. and SG. commands no longer work in console shipping environments- ATV: RB should toggle first person as when riding a dino, RT should honk horn- Fixed a case where Megalania couldn't climb Destructible Rocks -- perhaps just on console?- FPV hands now enter a special 'dragging' anim pose when dragging a body- When there are no additional element items to load into the weapon, Tek Rifle icon text should say "0%" (or whatever %), not "0% +"- Torches on dino saddles now scare away Troodons.- Fixed a case where Corpse Locator did not work reliably while underwater.- Fixed an issue where certain engrams weren't learnable (e.g The Campfire)- Removed difficulty strings from PGM spawn points- Fixed a case where Extended H player hud label for tribes would be cut off- 25 more element to build Tek Generator- Safari Hat and Thorny Dragon Skins & Parasaur Saddle can be dropped like all the other skins- Slightly louder & farther atten human death sound- We now display dino entry icon next to "you have tamed" notification- Reduced Dolphin tamed run speed by 15%- Fixed an issue with low quality Beaver Dams- Night Vision goggles drain 20% slower (last longer)- Tek Rifle and Explosives damage foliage- Increase Explorer Note unlocked volume by 5%- No longer play time transitions when the player has no pawn.- Added special corner icon on "skin" items to tell them apart from regular items.- Attaching quality torches to saddles no longer converts them into primitive quality when the durability runs out.- Fixed a case where remote inventories were not transferring to the appropriate folder.- Gigas are no longer able to gather wood by eating snow trees in the snow biome.- Fixed Cave spawns on TheCenter- Accessing a Bee Hive no longer provides health- LT and RT Functionality swapped for Painting- Boss Arena teleporter pads and obelisk pads are correctly colourized.- Obelisk laser beam is now aligned with the terminal center.- Sand looks darker, wetter, and shinier where appropriate (more for console)- Rain VFX has been improved to not be so close to the camera and now appears no matter how fast you go- Cave lighting improved on Carno Island- Tek Jepack superboost ("takeoff") sound has been changed to make it sound more like a jetpack- Removed the drop shadow from the right hud icons- Host Sess UI: Delete Procedural ARK button needs to have a confirmation dialog- Changed title on "Tame Groups" panel to "Tame Ordering Groups" and will now display an asterisk next to the active groups button label text- Double-tap X (controller) to activate weapon attachment is now indicated on options controls gamepad- Fixed case where some loading tips would be cut off.- Tribe Log increased on Console- Now buttons which are selected appear brighter on the Main Menu's Help menu.- Engram label texts are not modulating by the UI panel alpha (thus aren't fading out with the rest of the UI)- When you already have a survivor (i.e. you have the respawn button visible), there is a confirmation dialog for when you "Create New Survivor" saying "Warning: This will destroy your previous Survivor, are you sure you wish to proceed?"- Fixed a case where the number of empty item blank spots in storage boxes are inaccurate when you have any filter enabled such as search filter or folder filter- Center burned tree LODs have been improved- Improved LODs for various trees, twigs, branches, stumps, etc.- Fixed a case where female face texture may have been lower rez (perhaps console only?)- The level up animation on the Mammoth no longer causes the player to become a gymnast.- Dolphins don't spawn in underwater caves- Fixed a case where the Alpha Buff wouldn't display on underwater creatures.- Improved LODs for Woolly Rhino, Beaver, Camelsaurus, Ichthyornis, Daeodon, Stag, and Sheep.- TEK Tapejara Saddle now has a torch socket- Made sure TheCenter prevents flyers in its key caves- Eliminated any bigfoot ground shakes- TheCenter now has combat biome appropriate music (ala TheIsland)- TheCenter now has wind and ambience SFX in the boss area- Wild beehives are no longer affected by the StructureResistanceMultiplier- Yuty now has a faster rotation rate when in melee attack range (see the Rex)- TekCave Purlovias now have a 65% chance to be underground (previously was 50%)- Wild Itchy now has a 20s delay on its theft attack and a 2500 radius for targeting player or tame after it's found you.- After Alpha Ascension, you should have access to the Rex Bionic Skin. After Defeating TheCenter End Bosses, on any difficulty, you should have access to the Giga Bionic Skin.- Wyverns should now teleport to the Manticore Arena.- Female now have a status suffocation-enter and suffocation-leave sounds- Boss Arena Cooldowns are eliminated in Single Player- There is now a "This Weapon Can't be Used Here" prevention volume HUD notification in appropriate areas (e.g boss arenas)- There is now a 25% chance of fog with any rain!- More Eels, Trilobites, and Euyrps in underwater overworld- Decreased implant open/close volume by 20%- Reduced Slingshot fire vol by 10%- Polar Bear aggro range in the ice cave should be increased to something similar to the other hostile creatures in there.- Removed non-iceberg Kairuku spawns on TheIsland- Reduce targeting range of AI in both underwater caves by 50%, and reduced spawn quantity in HARD cave specifically by 33%, also Eels in the hard cave now spawn in groups of 2, not 6- Baby Wyverns no longer consume too much milk.- Analog stick panning of 3D Painting Preview is no longer step-based (for precision)- Fixed case where Gorilla LOD would be on low/fur would vanish from a distance.- Moved any Explorer Notes previously found in the TEK Cave as it is a gauntlet dungeon and can be distracting for players.- Gorilla Boss punch sounds adjusted.- Pegomastax attack SFX are no longer vicious sounding.- ORP Dinos should no longer have AI's and thus not be particularly useful in boss fight.- Fixed a case where TheCenter would have no atmospheric fog.- SP no longer has a massive slowdown until respawning when suiciding - Pressing Right Bumper with a controller when the Transponder Node weapon equipped should set the frequency, equivalent to pressing 'N' on keyboard control- Hesperonis no longer teleports/pops back up to the surface after diving.- Increased return-from-boss teleport pawn spread (less cases of being stuck when returning back to the Ob!)- TheCenter Night has been made darker- SP: Hair grows 20% slower- Transfer-all sound increased by 33%- Minimum draw distance increased by 10%- If there is no inventory or harvesting component on a corpse, it will no longer display it the fact that is dead.- Dragon Player spawn adjusted slightly- Fixed a case where Wandering Fish would cluster in corner- FPS no longer dips when you painting yourself- All HUB UI will be auto-closed when there is no player character (Previously Explorer Note UI that was opened would persist through respawns)

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